It is also certified for its some of its products for agencies like Railway Design & Standardization Organization of Indian Railways (RDSO), Director General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) of Indian Defence, Popular customers Like Tata Motors and beureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

NRPL team is committed for quality up gradation. We believe that a customer can remain delighted only if we keep on improving with a pace better than our competitors. Today our supplies are at less than 200 PPM Rejection where the major rejections are below 50 PPM. This is targeted to be reduced to 3.6 PPM .

NRPL is regularly investigating and proposing improvements by doing stimulation tests on major products. We are committed to improvement. We are also concerned for overall quality including ethical behavior and financial dealings of ours. Therefore, we get ourselves rated by Duns & Bradtsons / SMERA for financial rating and crosscheck our ethical concerns with related people.