Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) Facility

A well-equipped Pre Dispatch Inspection Table furnished with equipments to check all products in three stages of Hardness, Dimension and Visual apart from all desired parameters is a specialty at our end. Its co related with our Computerized Quality Document retreat able for years to cross check data and parameters for guarantee. There is a computerized facility for bar coding and online printing of certain data on products if required.

In House Tool Room & Prototype  Making Facility

Nalin Rubber has in house Tool Room which can design and produce Prototype & Regular Tools at very low lead time and good quality. Aluminum metal Cast Mandrels for hose, Compression and Transfer Moulds, Extrusion Dies, jigs and fixtures etc. are regularly produced in NRPL Tool room. The same facility is  also used for regular Moulds and Tool Polishing. The tool room Equipments includes Lathe Machine, Shaper Machine, Drilling and tapping Machine, Polishing Bench, Universal Milling Machine, Electroplating facility, Various types of Grinders, Aluminum Casting for Mandrel Facility, Wood Mandrel making facility sheet bending machine, Profile cutting Machine, Gas cutters, Welding Machines etc. However some highly critical tools are sometimes offloaded and manufactured through professional established mould Makers across the globe, specially for Injection Moulds.

Nalin Rubber has ability to develop & provide prototypes in minimal lead time. Various molded & Extruded articles needs correction in stages and prototypes can be provided for them. Ergonomics & aesthetic aspects are often approved with prototypes.

Its uncommon but few customers use these facility for maintenance purpose as it provides urgent rubber spares in very low lead times although they are costly.

Support Facilities

  • A small Library of about 230 technical books based on various aspects of Rubber Technology, Product Design and Development, Polymer chemistry, engineering aspects, Finance and others are being maintained at NRPL in conference hall for improving our technical edge. The company also collects various related magazines, articles, new reviews, product catalogues and Video CD's on Rubber Technology and allied fields of polymer.
  • A Computer Center caters NRPL’s statistical and accounting requirements.
  • A mini Design team caters to the needs of new product development, Product improvement studies, Reverse engineering products, product analysis, data compilation for various agencies and customers as and when required. The rubber compound development and testing related data are specifically controlled in consultation with the due customers. It is also involved in internal tools and die development. We intend to further expand in this arena.
  • We have a Conference Room with Modern Facilities like Video Conferencing and internet facilities etc. for holding discussions and conferences.
  • Mini canteen / Tea Room is there to refresh our team time to time & provide our guests a soothing hospitality.
  • We have wireless intranet (WiFi) networking for hassle free working within premises.

Product Design Capability

Nalin Rubber’s Design Team has designed components to match the needs of Customer. NRPL has designed components for DRDO (Indian Defense), Tata Motors Limited, TELCON Construction Equipment Co., Tata Steel Limited and many More. NRPL can Design Components in accordance to international standards like ASTM, SAE etc. The Designs can be provided by 2D drawings or 3D Models (CAD generated .igs files). If desired, stress analysis, heat analysis etc can also be done on designs. FEM analysis based on Non linear Stress can be arranged using IDEAs software.

Design Validation is the key to new product design. Dynamic Test machines such as endurance testing Machine and other lab equipments are used to create actual usage conditions and after subjecting the products to proper anticipated most rugged conditions the products are cleared mostly in joint consent with customer / user. We can generate various design data such as stiffness data on various loading pattern, Load & Deflection data, Heat related product behaviour, Cyclic usage behaviour, resistance chart to various environment and chemicals etc.

Reverse Engineering

Various Industries are facing Tough Competition. NRPL is a big support to its customers who takes the path of Continuous Improvement by comparing their design and product capabilities to that of their competitions. We help our customer understand the phenomenon and do lots of Reverse Engineering just to provide them better options suited for their conditions and based on their priorities. Targeted Reverse engineering to surpass Competitions in Life cycle of Product, Performance capability of Product or Cost benefits of product is also taken time to time on customer requests. Recently lots of customers do reverse engineering with material science studies to get best possible solutions in their locality (Region Targeted cost and material performance & Economics based).

Even for Project Engineers, reverse engineering provides information in materials used in trials, helps in creating material and process standards and clearly provides confidence in indigenization and localization moves.