Our Valubale Customers

NRPL is thankful to its committed customers who have always trusted with confidence in our products and our abilities to produce them. List of Prominent customers whom the company ever served, includes:

Automotive Industry: Tata Motors Ltd, Tata Toyo Radiators Ltd, Heavy Vehicles Transmission Ltd (HVTL), Heavy Vehicles Axle Ltd (HVAL), RSB Transmission (I) Ltd., Alkraft Thermotechnologies (P) Ltd, Caparo (I) Ltd, Banco Products (I) Ltd, Demm Auto Engg Works, Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd, Chassis Body building companies  etc.

Construction Equipment Industry: TELCON (now Hitachi), Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML)

Railways: Indian Railways (All Zones: Northern Railway, Eastern Railway, Western Railway, Southern Railway, East Central Railway, North Western Railway, North Eastern Railway, Central Railway, East Coast Railway, South Western Railway, South Eastern Railway, South Central Railway, North East Frontier Railway, South East Central Railway, West Central Railway etc.), Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Railway Coach Factory (RCF), BEML, Coach & Wagon Builders, Couplers Manufacturers etc.

Defense: DMSRDE (DRDO), DGQA registered

Mining Industry: Rubber sheets and some moulded products for mining equipments such as for Thejo Engg.

Steel Industry: TATA Steel Limited & its subsidiary Companies, Jindal Saw Limited etc.

Aircraft Industry: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Air Force

Equipment Industry: Tata Growth Shop, Usha Telehoist Limited

Supporting Industries: Various Ancillaries of Tata Motors Limited and Railways like Caparo Ltd., International Auto Ltd. etc. Singhbhum Machinometal P Ltd., G.R. Industries, Manshatalla Industries, AD Electrosteel Ltd. Etc.

Other Industries: Various Other Industries approach NRPL for their Rubber & allied Products used for industrial and consumable items.

Consumer Market: NRPL is entering to Consumer market with LPG Hose for domestic purpose.

Infrastructure Indutry: NRPL produces Tyton Gasket for Sewer, gas and water pipes. Rubber sheets for Roofing etc.

High Volume Customer

High Volume Customers need dedicated plants. Serving to Automobile Industry & Railways has given us various high Volume methods like Injection Moulding & computerized weighing. Still due to low volume customers we provide our HVC’s some extra advantage.

  • Prototypes & Initial Trial lots can be done faster & efficiently.
  • Our operations are not affected in Low Seasons and HVC can rely on us.
  • Design Skills are improved by LVC as they provide large data Base and when designing for HVC we use them.
  • Our Polymer Formulation data base is Huge due to long experience in dealing LVC and thousands of products handled for them in various working conditions.

Low Volume Customers

Nalin Rubber Marketing Team has analyzed that many times Low Volume Customers are hesitant to approach better Suppliers as they feel neglected. Our dedicated to customer approach has changed this faith. In fact they feel safe and sound with our Quality Marketing Team.

  • LVC can use Medium & High Volume methods for  their Low Volumes.
  • Materials Cost Efficiency is better as the blend provides the favour of volume purchase.
  • Many times specialty polymers (Viton, Silicon etc.) are not available in Low Volumes but we help LVC as we are always with shelf stocks.
  • LVC can use the Costly Design & Testing facilities while the facilities are mostly amortized on high Volume customers.
  • Establishment & Capital cost is amortized on Larger Business.